The Racial

Wealth Gap

What We Do

FVLCRUM Fund is a private equity fund created to decrease the racial wealth gap by building generational wealth in minority communities. FVLCRUM invests equity and debt in minority owned businesses focusing on the government, healthcare, and franchising sectors.



A First-of-its-kind, $250,000,000 Private Equity Fund


FVLCRUM—a $250,000,000 private equity fund—is an off-balance sheet entity created by Clearinghouse CDFI and strongly aligned with the efforts of the Minority Wealth Commission—a national commission dedicated to the eradication of the racial wealth gap.


FVLCRUM Fund will invest a combination of equity and debt in lower middle-market minority owned businesses with a core sector focus of Government Contracting, Healthcare, and Franchising.


FVLCRUM was established as the first fund of its kind to solely focus on creating generational wealth in minority communities by creating sustainable paths to wealth. Our model is to provide Equity Capital leveraging intellectual Capital to allow MBE Operators to maximize their potential and create true wealth in minority communities.



The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is a federal law encouraging depository institutions to meet the credit needs of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. It requires federal regulators to assess how well banks fulfill obligations to these communities. Recent CRA regulatory reform provides multiplier credit for CDFI investments.


Clearinghouse CDFI has a 24-year operating history of managing CRA funds.



Responsive Structure Tailored for Growth and Impact Plans

  • – Secured amortizing debt; possible interest-only period
  • – Under secured debt with equity-like feature such as success fee, convertible note, or warrant with put
  • – Micro, non-voting equity investment with possible follow-on investment(s).


Minority Owned Businesses (MBE’s)

  • – For-profit minority business owners
  • – Nonprofits managed by or serving minority persons
  • – Benefiting low-income persons and communities


Owner Occupied Real Estate; Operating Equipment; Permanent Working Capital

  • – Real Estate: $500,000-$3 Million
  • – Machinery and Equipment: Up to $1 Million
  • – Acquisition, Merger, or Leverage Buyout

Only through intentional and deliberate action can we ensure permanent change.

Join FVLCRUM in creating sustainable paths to wealth for minority owned businesses. We are always seeking to partner with companies who share our vision to create prosperity in underserved communities.

Our Partners

Minority Wealth Commission Endorses the FVLCRUM Funds

“The Minority Wealth Commission and the FVLCRUM Funds have established a broad base of institutional and community partners and serve as a nexus to catalyze fundamental change… It is only by investing equity and intellectual capital into opportunities in communities of color that we all thrive.”


— Henry Childs, Director, Minority Wealth Commission

Minority Wealth Commisssion