Talent is created equally...opportunity is not.



What’s in a name? At FVLCRUM, we serve as the point of leverage to empower expansion and opportunity. Our firm is a catalyst to accelerate growth, drive value, and realize a more inclusive and diverse society.

Investing in Diversity

Since 2013, the firm has been an innovator in aligning impact and alpha with an emphasis on delivering investment returns and outsized impact at scale. Believing in the the power of diversity in thought, leadership, and opportunity, FVLCRUM invests
in diverse lower-middle market companies to generate sustainable opportunity for underserved communities.


Social Investing with a Purpose

Through our partnership with Clearinghouse CDFI, FLVCRUM was intentionally established as a Public Welfare Initiative and is eligible for credit under the Community Reinvestment Act.

Partnerships and Endorsements

FVLCRUM has built a unique network of national and local organizations to support and sustain our community impact efforts. These organizations are supporting FVLCRUM and are devoting the necessary time and resources to help ensure sustainable impact in the communities in which FVLCRUM invests.