“Closing the racial wealth gap
is an overriding issue of the nation”

Mark Morial
President, National Urban League


The Problem: The racial wealth gap has become one of the defining issues of our generation. There is a stark 10x difference between black and white household wealth, with a median net worth of $17,150 versus $171,000 respectively (Forbes, 2020). The racial wealth gap continues to grow while the country’s population becomes more diverse and is anticipated to be “minority white” by the year 2045 (Brookings Institute).

Fund Objectives

Provide strong returns for investors by aligning social impact and proven investing fundamentals.

Create the next generation of market leading minority businesses.

Create generational wealth for minority executives and intentionally drive economic opportunity for minority communities.

Community Reinvestment Act

FVLCRUM was intentionally structured as an innovative and responsive strategy to address issues of racial disparity. Our impact methods accelerate community and economic development to support local public leadership and organizations. Leveraging our own portfolio companies as anchor institutions, our firm tightly tracks Key Impact Performance Indicators related to our impact targets and establishes Community Benefits Agreements to ensure that our firm, our companies, and our team are directly aligned with the interests of the communities in which we invest.

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Key Impact Performance Indicators

Generational Wealth

Increase Jobs &
Median Incomes

Sustainably Improve

Enhance Services &

What People Are Saying

“We must create real change to transform our minority entrepreneurs by investing in our businesses.”

Ramiro A. Cavazos

President & CEO, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

‘Any path to wealth – true wealth – will require equity investment.”

Henry Childs

Director, Minority Wealth Commission

“So many initiatives focus on treating the symptoms of the problem. This fund treats the disease.”

Doug Bystry

CEO, Clearinghouse CDFI

“Closing the racial wealth gap is an overriding issue of the nation!”

Mark Morial

President, National Urban League